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    Zhejiang jiangshan Transformer Co., Ltd.

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    Gavin Xiong

    Email: xzb982@163.com

    Alternative: xzb982@gmail.com

    Mobile: 0086-13173698651

    Tel.: 0086-571-88360525

    Fax: 0086-571-85354597


    Andrew Wu

    Email: wwyc317@163.com

    Alternative: wyc317@gmail.com

    Mobile: 0086-13588362720

    Tel.: 0086-571-85151519

    Fax: 0086-571-85354597


    About us


    Zhejiang jiangshan Transformer Co., Ltd. (the jiangshan Transformer Factory in Zhejiang Province) is a professional manufacturer of power transformer up to 295kV and below, which is appointed by the Ministry of Machinery Industry. Many honors and awards are obtained by us, including the National Famous Grade Enterprise, the Provincial Civilized Unit, and National High & New Technology Enterprise, Zhejiang Top-class Product. Our trademark,“JSB”, is listed as National Famous and Excellent Trademark Index.

    Our company enjoys very convenient transportation: Located near the Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway, Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou Freeway, Hangshan-Quzhou-Nanping Expressway and National Highway No.205, we are just 40km from Quzhou Airport.

    The company has over 40 years experience in transformer design and production. For years, we have invested heavily in employing and training a large number of outstanding professionals and in purchasing advanced production and processing equipments. Our test station has developed into Zhejiang Fangyuan Inspection Center of Power Transmission and Transformation Equipment, undertaking Quality Supervision and Inspection, entrusted Inspection and Identification of transformers in Zhejiang Province, with legally valid Type Test Reports issued.

    Our main products are:295kV and below power transformer, hermetically-sealed transformer, dry type transformer, amorphous alloy transformer, pad-mounted transformer, buried transformer, and other special transformer used in electrical furnace, rectifier, mine, thunder-proof, arc ,as well as current, voltage transducers and so on. We could provide over 60 series, 800 types and 2000 specified transformer, with annual production capacity of 20 million kVA.


    Our company has been the eligible and stable supplier for China National Grid, and our transformers are functioning well all over the country and exported to Asia, Africa, South America, Middle and East Europe, even USA and Canada, over 30 countries and regions in total.


    The company practices ISO9001 quality management, ISO14000 environmental management, OHSAS 18001 integrated management system of occupational health and safety Supervision, approved by JJF1112-2003 inspection system measurement and PCCC energy-saving product certification. 230kV and below power transformer have passed a complete set of National Type Test and International KEMA tests. Samples of leading products have been tested by National Transformer Quality and Supervision Center, and have been awarded as Grade One 16 times in a row and as Ministerial Excellent Products as well.


    In 2003, the company was restructured into a subsidiary whose share holder is Zhejiang Guoguang Technology Group. In 2012, we further developed into a Join Stock Company. These changes made the company more dynamic and brought about a stronger economic background. The more flexible management system with infinite creativity will bring better products and services which will satisfy the increasing needs of our new and loyal customers.


    In 2008, the company completed the project of 230kV transformer technology reconstruction phase two, and stepped into a new ear. This investment was listed as government “310” project and one of National key projects. The new 230-500kV transformer constant temperature purification plant and electro-magnetic interference shielding experiment hall have been finished, equipped with coil workshop, assembly workshop, test station and motor room. What’s more, we purchased a large amount of professional high-tech production and test equipments; all this enables our products’ quality and test ability to reach an advanced level in the world.



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